22 design requirements for an RPG that will shock you

Below are the design criteria I pondered in the creation of Knight vs Dragon.  Not only are they a comprehensive set of requirements to realize this game, but they cater to kids who are new to RPGs, without distilling the game down to a "kiddie game."  In stream-of-consciousness order:

  1. Simple rule set
  2. Short - No long, drawn out campaigns, finish a session in an hour or two
  3. For two players
  4. Hex maps
  5. Miniatures to bring game to life, but not too many to keep costs down
  6. Lots of dice--because rolling lots of dice is fun!
  7. A feeling of strategy
  8. Fun surprises
  9. No game master, so players are not lead
  10. Lots of magic items to drool over
  11. High fantasy
  12. Hack and slash fun
  13. Modular and Expandable (well, that's two requirements!)
  14. Pen and paper character sheets
  15. Boss battle
  16. Heroic fights
  17. Reminiscent of D&D 
  18. Light on role playing
  19. No cards. Just because.
  20. Foster love of RPGs
  21. Make kids feel epic
  22. High production value

Recently I discovered these articles which substantiate some of the above points: 1) 7 Tips about RPG’ing with Kids, 2) How Not to Run D&D for Kids, Tweens, & Teens.

Sorry for the title. I just wanted to make fun of Buzz feed articles since I had a long list to share. ;)