A Troll's Stew

I live with my father in a small house, on a small farm, just outside Älven City. Life is nice here, the green grass shines in the bright light in the sky. It's only my father and me because when I was young, my mother died. She was visiting her relatives when a pack of goblins ambushed her. That was the last time I saw her. Usually I don’t talk about her around people because of that tragic day. Now I live my days in fear of goblins, yet try to make the most of each day knowing something might happen. Because of that day, I know that I don’t want to end up like my mother.

I always start each day by waking up and getting dressed. Then, I brush my long dark hair. Long hair in Elf society is a badge of honor. I go and cook breakfast for me and my dad. I make breakfast for my dad because he is getting old and frail. After, I do the chores around the house and do things such as the dishes, taking out the trash, or harvesting the crops I grew in the summer.

But this day was different. My father told me that there was something that he wanted me to get. He said that you must not tell a single soul. He said, across the Kathagerium Bridge, on the other side of the Dwarf Kingdom, there lays my mother’s treasures that were stolen when she was ambushed. The Kathagerium Bridge was created to unite the Elf Kingdom and Dwarf Kingdom for many millenniums but, there would also be a troll that would try anything to stop me. He told me that he will not be able to go because of his legs that won’t cooperate with his mind. He told me I had to go.

Angrily getting up from his chair and hovering over me, my father said, “He is not your friend, he is  your enemy. No matter what, do not fall for any tricks he may try.” 

Knowing this was an important mission, I could not fail my father. So I got ready to travel to the other side of the Dwarf Kingdom to retrieve the treasure that my mother lost. I put on my best armor, just in case there was any danger. I wandered on the path that my father told me to go. There was a little layer of mist at the top surface of the ground. The windy road slowed me down. The tall trees  made it harder to see in front of me. It got extremely dark when I finally reached the Kathagerium bridge where my father warned me that a troll was there. In the dark night my skin chilled when a gust of wind hit me. 


Then I saw the troll on top of the bridge standing there. The troll had beaming red eyes and long, sharp teeth that looked like it could pierce through my armour. His skin was slimy, covered in warts, bubbling off his skin. He looked as terrifying as people claimed.

In a low voice, I heard him say,  “What brings you here?” when he was looking up as though he could already see me coming.

Responding weakly, “I was just trying to get to the,” I stumbled knowing that my father told me not to tell no one what I was doing, “I was just trying to get some food for my family.” 

“At this time of night?” the troll asked suspiciously.

“Yes?” I said confused, whether or not what the correct answer was.

“If you wish to pass, you must answer my riddle correct,” the troll said.

I  had no choice but to answer  him or fight him. I reasoned with myself that since he  was twice my size, I would have no chance of surviving if we fought.

“I will answer your riddle.” I said confidently.

The troll began speaking softer than louder in his low scratchy voice, “It is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of elves, and the end of life. What is it?”

This troll was very clever I thought. I was very confused whether or not I knew what the answer was. I thought to myself over and over, It is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of elves, and the end of life. What is it?  

“Aha!” I shouted jumping up,  “The letter E.” I almost thought that I was doomed.

“Well done,” the troll said surprised, “You’re the first to get it.”

“I need to go now,” I said urgently.

“Since you are hungry, I thought you would like to have some stew maybe before you continue on your journey? I made it myself you know, and I know you will like it,” he said.

It was true that I was hungry and a bit desperate. But I  would also be breaking the rule of not trusting trolls. The troll didn’t seem that bad anyways, I thought to myself.

I crept closer to the troll “That would be very nice.”

The troll led me to the place that was his home. The troll’s home was in the tall bushes where I found a glowing fire that lit the surroundings in light while under sat a large pot of steaming stew inside. The troll handed me a very large bowl that was filled with stew to the very top. The taste of the stew felt as though it  had rich and powerful meat that was just clinging on to the bone, carrots that were just harvested, tomatoes freshly cut, and potatoes that were peeled perfectly. I wondered how a troll could have such good taste for food?

“This is just the stew my mother made that I ate when I was a child growing up. She would make this for me every Friday night when all our friends came over to have dinner. I looked forward to this every time.” I said happily.

I turned to face the troll and asked, “How did you make this stew? It’s fantastic.”

The troll replied, “It’s a troll specialty. We make it out of  the best things.”

Still hungry, I ask as politely as possible, “Could I please have another bowl of stew?”

“I’d be happy to serve you some more,” the troll said as he stood up and walked over to the steaming pot.

As the troll poured the stew I noticed that there was a circular shape that plopped into the bowl. I leaned closer to the bowl and peeked over and saw that there was an eyeball. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen before in my life!

“Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,” I yelled,  “Why is there an eyeball in my stew?”

My stomach turned and I felt like I had just ate my friend. The thought made me almost throw up. The troll turned to face me.

The troll said in an innocent tone, “You don’t like elf stew?”